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About Us

Why we created Louily Jewelry?

  • True love is priceless. A true expression of your love isn’t measured by money. It really is the thought that counts. As Harry Met Sally said, when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
  • Something for fun and something for those special days in life you’ll always remember. And don’t forget something for the people you love.
  • Who doesn’t need something classic and something trendy?

Louilyjewelry truly believes that love can make the world a better place. By infusing our passion for life into every aspect of our jewelry making process, we create beautiful timeless pieces of wearable art. We hope you can feel our love and passion for life while wearing jewelry, and pass it on.

Louilyjewelry offers the highest quality diamond simulants. The brightness, cut and color of these simulated gems are infinitely close to those of real diamonds. And it’s affordable for most customer. The unique design that spans classic and modern, the craftsmanship for excellence, and the high-quality materials enable us to coexist with other brands based on the market.

Louily Jewelry Handcrafted Image

Our Model

our model
Our cooperation factories produce jewelry according to the design pictures we provide. We sell directly to customers through online store. We'll do strict quality inspection before it is shipped out.

By making the jewelry ourselves and selling directly to you online, we are able to offer the lowest prices. Your jewelry is created just for you within a few days.And each product must be manually inspected and packaged before shipping. That's why Louilyjewelry processing time is a little long.

Contact information

Email: service@louilyjewelry.com

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